Use Case: AUC project team provides its own developed mobile warrant of arrest processing system in Newcastle, South Africa.

Advanced Project
2 min readMar 16, 2021


Newcastle City traffic police officer under investigation with AUC arrest warrant processing system.
Photo by Ennova

The AUC project team developed a mobile warrant of arrest processing system for traffic violators in South Africa. Completed the development of its unique IC card system in Newcastle City from January 2021 and went through a pilot test from January to February and finally adopted as a formal crackdown software on March 10th.

The mobile crackdown system developed by the AUC project team supports processes for recognizing and inquiring South Africa’s ID and driver’s license, real-time lookup of crackdown databases, and on-site penalty payments based on 10,000 arrest warrants accumulated in Newcastle. Currently, it is operated and used in two police mission-critical devices.

The AUC project team, in collaboration with the city of Newcastle in South Africa, identified a total of 130 regulators on-site in January-February, collaborated with local agencies for the efficiency of administrative processes such as fines collection and transfer to courts. In the future, we will be able to gain experience that can be helpful in proposing various ICT projects in South Africa, and I think that it has made a preliminary cornerstone for application to public data after the development of a blockchain-based DBMS.

The AUC project team plans to apply various financial platforms/services of the AUC project team to apply blockchain DBMS, fines, and digital/online payments for public data, and strives to propose solutions to many countries through reference in addition to Korea and South Africa.

The use case of the AUC project continues.

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- Godfrey Reggio, American Director