TIER Rewards

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1 min readMay 12, 2023

TIER App has 2 different types of reward systems.
One will be Verification Rewards.
After joining as a member, the higher the verification level achieved through the following items, the more rewards, and various benefits (such as fee discounts, withdrawal limit increases, etc.) are given. Check the following for the verification available.
Phone, E-Mail verification, Profile registration(full name, nationality, ID/passport, ID/passport number, date of birth, selfie registration), Bank account registration, Bank account verification (bank statement) Proof of Residence verification.
Another will be Activity Points. Points are awarded based on a user’s activity index, such as utilizing various functions and participating in various events provided within the app. View Ads! Points are given for viewing TIER’s affiliate ads and Google Ads. Healthcare features are also another way. Points are given according to the number of steps in the pedometer and according to the number of food pictures uploaded. Additional Points are given when participating in various events provided by TIER. Lastly, points are given whenever user uses various functions of TIER such as payment, transfer, and withdrawal.

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