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Advanced Project
1 min readAug 4, 2023

Diaspora refers to a large group or community of migrants or immigrant workers who have moved to various parts of the world with similar heritage or homeland. According to the South African National Bureau of Statistics, about 3 million of the 60 million people living in South Africa are foreign workers. Considering that the proportion of illegal immigrants is high, the number of foreign workers is expected to be higher. They provide labor to South Africa and use the earnings they earn not only to live in the country, but also to send money back to their home countries to their families. However, like UNBANKED, they also face financial exclusion, so the rate of cash use is high, and they have no choice but to remit money while taking risks such as loss of cash, fraud and paying high fees. Advanced Project also serves a public purpose by eradicating unjustified fees and providing easy-to-use secure financial services that give the unbanked the opportunity to move beyond a life of complacency and live a more dignified life where they can plan and realize their personal dreams.

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