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2 min readMar 5, 2021


Good day and Hello!

Today, we will talk about the simple payment market.

“Paypal, Apple Pay, Wechat Pay, Amazon Pay, KaKao Pay”

These names are familiar to someone, and for someone, these are simple payment applications in everyday use. It is easy to use and with just a mobile device, you can pay anywhere 24 hours a day.

Currently, the simple payment market is growing with global IT companies in the U.S. and China at the forefront. Big tech companies are leading the way. Big Tech means a large information technology company, which has entered the financial market with the core of online platform delivery businesses such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Alibaba, and etc. In Korea, Naver and Kakao are representative.

In particular, the growth of simple payments in China and Africa is explosive, which ironically led to the slow development of the financial industry. While the credit card payment network is growing slowly, mobile-based simple payment methods using bar codes and QR codes have rapidly spread due to the emergence of smartphones (Thank you Steve!), making up a significant portion of online and offline economic activities.

In order to expand financial services to the so-called unbanked or underbanked class who lacks sufficient financial services from the financial companies, each country’s policy efforts and the expansion of payment infrastructure have built a favorable regulatory environment of Fintech.

Yes, there is also a reason for the COVID-19 Pandemic phenomenon that no one can deny.

However, from a slightly opposite perspective, Big Tech and the financial sector have begun to focus on ‘simplifying payments’, and as a result, simple payments and remittance services have grown, but there has been a lack of concern about the utilizations of existing credit cards, which account for the majority of the payment environment.

The AUC project team develop our own simple payment app known as Tier and an IC card system.

The AUC IC card system is also a card system built within the IC card with its own card application running on the Chip OS (COP) and security logic for validation of the interlocking systems of foreign banks and credit card companies, providing AUC’s own payment network.

Is it difficult? To put it simply, the AUC team’s payment system is capable of supplying not only online simple payment systems but also physical plastic cards, which are still used most frequently in the payment market. Isn’t it cool?

The launch of the AUC project team’s Tier app is just around the corner!

Our interesting journey will begin soon. Look forward to it.

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