[Notice] Progress of major business plans for AUC project 2022

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5 min readJan 5, 2022

Hello, this is AUC project team.

Happy Crypto Year 2022 to all our community members and thank you all for your great interest in the AUC Blockchain ecosystem.

We would like to share the 2022 Business Plan progress with the AUC project community. The year 2022 will be an important turning point for our project. In addition, we will elaborate on the future direction of certain services that have been delayed during planning.

Listing plan of AUC

■ One of the major business plans for this year is the listings of AUC to global exchanges to increase liquidity and the number of holders.

■ We have come to the conclusion that at the current stage AUC should be listed first to the exchanges/markets that meet the internal review standards in order to ensure the stable integration of liquidity among the major business countries and for the sake of global liquidity.

■ Therefore, AUC will be listed on one of the top 30 global exchanges based on CoinMarketCap within January. The first listing is for the purpose of increasing the liquidity of AUC and registration for CoinMarketCap.

■ And next, AUC will be listed on one of the top 10 global exchanges based on CoinMarketCap within March. The second listing will be carried out to increase AUC liquidity and global new holders.

※Notice: The token lock-up schedule of previous ICO participants will be applied from the second listing, and the exact schedule will be announced on the website and our community channels later.

■ At the same time, AUC will be listed on the African local crypto exchange. Currently, we are in contact with some exchanges that support local fiat (Rand) in African countries, and we will choose one of them to expand the ecosystem by securing new AUC users in the African continent, the main business hub of the AUC project.

■ And, within the first half of this year, AUC will be listed on a big exchange in Korea. Last year, Korean crypto exchanges were not able to actively list new listings due to government regulations. The AUC Foundation is currently continuing to communicate with large exchanges for listing and aims to be listed within June.


■ Payment and remittance functions are important core technologies for AUC projects.

Last year, we conducted a pilot launch of “Tier,” a user-based application for payment and remittance, in South Africa. Through further updates, Tier will provide account balance checks and confirmation of transfers and payments through integration with bank accounts.

AUC project team already had an NDA contract with one of the biggest banks in the African continent for bank accounts, so linking of bank accounts will be done quickly within the first quarter of this year. In addition, the AUC Foundation will provide a service that allows overseas workers to remit money to their home countries through partnerships with large companies in the African continent.

■ AUC Mainnet The AUC ecosystem encompasses all transaction data from participant’s daily lives and is characterized by vast data volumes and requests for records. Therefore, it is necessary to manage many records and handle many transactions on the blockchain, but its use may be slow or difficult in the acceptance range of Ethereum, which AUC initially uses for token issuance.

Therefore, AUC is preparing to develop its own mainnet to create an efficient and economical environment for the ecosystem. The AUC mainnet is on the development which is planning to be opened in the first half of 2022, when testing of the economic structure of the early AUC ecosystem is completed. Upon development of the mainnet, the AUC system will have its own blockchain network, and plans to introduce a mining system to prevent falsification of vast transaction data and secure mutual verification and stability.

Expanding Partnership

■ The AUC Foundation is partnering with banks in the first financial sector, public institutions, and various organizations to expand the AUC ecosystem in Africa. In 2022, we will contract more partnerships to expand the practicality and demand of AUC tokens.

■ Many fintech and enterprises are demanding wallet solutions for custom payment solutions. However, to perform tasks such as deposits, there are numerous essential requirements, including related licenses, KYC, AML, and FIC reporting. We can enable wallet functionality within third-party applications with South Africa’s bank to protect consumer funds in regulated financial institutions as well as compliance burdens. Bank acts as an authorized deposit guarantee institution for services provided by the AUC and is accompanied by relevant regulatory compliance and reporting mechanisms for FICA, KYC, AML, and sanctions review.

Plans for Communication and Community Operation

■ We plan to advance communication strategies through more media platforms and accessible channels. We highly regard the community of holders and its impact on the blockchain ecosystem as a top priority. In this regard, up-to-date news of AUC project will be more accessible through diverse media.

■ In addition, we plan to disclose the AUC project 2022 roadmap. We are also developing variety of approaches for anyone who’s interested in AUC project to easily understand the direction and progress of the projects

AUC Project is bolstering up the ecosystem faster than ever in line with the rapidly changing global market environment. We are in the stage of introducing our global services and building a technology hub for all users. We would like to ask you to continue supporting us and our community.

Thank you for your interest and participating in the AUC Project ecosystem.

AUC project team