Letter of Appreciation from Newcastle Municipality in South Africa

Advanced Project
2 min readApr 15, 2021

Good Day. We are the AUC project team.

This past January, we supplied the mobile WoA (Warrant of Arrest) processing system by developing it for the traffic violators to the Newcastle Municipality Community Safety in South Africa.

The existing South Africa police enforcement system blocked a partial area of a road and manually checked drivers’ licenses. They received the background checks of drivers from operators at Central Police station by radio. These manual labor provided side effects on the operation such as low work efficiency and traffic jam.

According to the Municipality Community Safety of Newscastle, the adoption of Ennova’s enforcement system brought about 250% of the increasing effect on the inspection efficiency per hour compared to the existing system.

Newcastle sent us the letter of appreciation about the mobile WOA enforcement system development to our AUC project team.

Letter of Appreciation from Newcastle Municipality

In the future, the AUC project team will apply a simple fine payment system where you can pay fines with the WOA app and is planning to make cash, card, and the AUC coin possible for fine paying traffic fines.

The AUC project will make an effort on the ecosystem expansion of the B2G market by expanding the cooperation of local governments within South Africa.