General Information of Our Project

Advanced Project
3 min readMar 23, 2021

Today, we’re going to talk about general information of our project.

AUC Ecosystem

The AUC stands for Advanced United Continent and runs DBMS system-based payment network. The project develops an optimized payment system through AUC coin and ANT digital point system. AUC project is a virtual asset economic project that connects the world with AUC’s own virtual asset exchange and remittance system.

Through the development of our payment system and IC card system, we are planning and working on digital transformation to a cashless environment by supplying domestic card systems and virtual asset-based payment systems in any country.

Our simple payment app is implemented as a technology that can be used in any country or region of the world. In addition to the QR system for simple payments, it is designed to support all digital payment methods in cooperation with existing companies such as banks and credit card companies. Also, domestic and international remittances can be implemented within the app. The payment function will also be equipped with a payment using AUC Coin, a virtual asset so that the virtual asset holder can use the virtual asset payment on our simple payment app.

AUC’s simple payment app — Tier™

AUC coins can be exchanged for ANT digital points on the exchange in real-time. The exchanged ANT digital point is used in real economic life in the AUC ecosystem. In one word, the AUC coin can be exchanged with ANT and is freely used as cash.

AUC virtual assets

POS system of the AUC project provides the most convenient payment environment to users through hardware such as kiosks, mobile POS, and desktop POS that is used in stores and markets.

In addition, AUC IC card payment network is established with its own card system, which is equipped with security logic for validation of interlocking system of overseas banks and credit card companies.

AUC IC card concept

Like this, the AUC project’s digital payment solution makes ever-confusing finance and banking simple and provides various convenience functions and platforms to be able to use the virtual assets conveniently.

The digital finance for all,

The AUC project begins.