Expansion of AUC Project Ecosystem in 3Q 2022— TIER

Tier is a simple, easy, and fast payment and remittance app developed by Ennova that is a financial platform and service provider based in South Africa.

The core platform of AUC project, Tier, a mobile wallet, to register credit cards of various banks in the wallet to provide a service that allows you to conveniently purchase goods in general stores. In addition, pre-paid IC cards issued by Ennova can be registered, and if customers use them, they can purchase goods at a very low cost or receive various rewards.

Currently, Tier app for stores can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.


The Tier for Bank version is also working with two major South African banks and is scheduled to launch in this November.

From the third quarter of 2022, AUC’s ecosystem will expand its use to many countries in Africa, starting with South Africa, through partnerships with various institutions.

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