Expanding the practical use of the AUC token in stores in Africa through an API integration with Nedbank.

Advanced Project
1 min readFeb 25, 2024

Advanced projects are ongoing collaborations with financial institutions in South Africa, aimed at expanding the use of our blockchain technology in everyday life. We have recently completed integration with the Nedbank API for our Tier payment and remittance platform, and have also integrated a payment system using AUC tokens at South African stores.

“We have been working with South Africa’s Tier 1 financial institutions for some time now, and the finalization of the API integration with Nedbank brings the AUC token one step closer to real life.

We consider collaboration with the financial sector to be extremely important, and through the cooperation between blockchain-based digital financial platforms and traditional financial institutions, we have achieved an important milestone in enabling more people to access safe and efficient financial services.”

Ashiek Anandhaw, CEO

Through this, we believe that the utility of AUC tokens will be broadened, and blockchain technology and digital assets will play a greater role in real economic activities.