Ennova’s POS System in ‘D8NE’

Advanced Project
2 min readMay 14, 2021

Ennova POS systems develop UI programs and designs in Ennova, and Nice Information and Communications develops payment network systems.

Ennova’s POS system has been installed at D8NE in Seoul, South Korea an offline store of American startup car-based lifestyle and fashion brand Peaches. D8NE is a space platform that combines car, fashion, and street culture, and it brings car-related spaces outside Seoul, such as tuning shops, to central Seoul, where people who were interested in cars share related cultures.

Ennova’s POS system in ‘8DNE’

Ennova and Nice Information Communication visited the store to set up and train employees POS machines. The POS installed in the store is currently desktop POS ZED-5 5ea and NF2000w 5 ea and will be installed additionally in Café ‘Noted’ and Hamburger snack ‘Downtowner’, which are scheduled to be in the store.

This installation of the POS system shows that the POS system developed by Ennova can be used immediately in the field and will later apply AUC token and Ennova’s en-Cash to enable payment using virtual assets.

In addition, Ennova is reviewing smart banding machine technology integration as part of the recent trend of a contactless economy. Smart banding machines have been used as unmanned stores in the form of unmanned forces and vending machines. Ennova also discussed the supply of smart vending machines to D8NE later.

Banding machine in ‘8DNE’