AUC’s Easy Payment System

Advanced Project
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Using AUC’s fintech technology, it provides new simple payment methods such as point payment and cryptocurrency payment in addition to the existing card payment and also provides domestic/overseas remittance services using the ANP. This technology minimizes the existing high fees and provides a win-win service for users, merchants, and financial institutions (banks, cards, mobile carriers, public institutions).

Offline Simple Payment

The offline payment method among simple payment services can be used by integrating payment methods such as existing cards, newly issued IC cards, points, coins, etc. into the Tier app, and payment can be made simply by using POS existing in the merchant. Such payment methods can reduce costs for both merchants and banks due to low fees.

AUC’s Offline Simple Payment Flow Chart

Online Simple Payment

Ennova provides a payment API for simple online payments, providing services that connect more payment methods to financial firms. These services can be utilized from small e-commerce to large businesses, and the revenue impact of more customers can be expected.

Also, if you use a big data analysis platform such as E-BA together, you can use services such as recommending various products based on the user’s tendency or transaction history.

AUC’s Online Simple Payment Flow Chart

We will add our virtual assets AUC and ANT coins to the payment method by combining blockchain technology soon and will be used in real life.