AUC wallet development completed

Advanced Project
1 min readSep 9, 2021

AUC wallet dedicated to AUC tokens, a digital asset of the AUC project, has been developed.

AUC Wallet supports ERC-20 tokens and provides functions such as P2P transmission, token-to-token swap, and staking.

Transmission can also be made through mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses between users, and digital assets of users are safely stored with a systematic security and monitoring system.

The core functions of AUC wallet are:

  • Sign in: Using simple code or email address
  • Sending: Cell phone number, ID, Wallet address
  • Receiving: Wallet address, QR code
  • Staking: Receive interest when users holding the AUC tokens
  • Transaction history: Easily check the deposit and withdrawal details

We aim to connect our core solution, Simple Payment and Remittance app TIER, and global Crypto exchanges, to a global payment and remittance network using digital assets.

Through future development, AUC Wallet is scheduled to be linked to Tier and LEO.