AUC Project’s Simple Payment App, TIER

Advanced Project
2 min readMay 6, 2021


TIER is a simple payment app developed by the AUC project.

TIER App Image. Source by ENNOVA

Tier App provides a variety of services such as simple payment, remittance, recharge points, and affiliate store location information, and is an application that allows you to recharge points through rewards and to make simple payment offline. It is used in merchants, individuals and stores, and transactions between individuals and individuals.

We released the test version on May 3rd. In this test version, we defined the basic functions of the app, such as payment, remittance, and recharging points. Also, company’s unique orange color was applied to establish a soft and friendly design concept and tried to secure simple and pleasant usability with a service composition focused on the essence of simple payment.

In addition, we focused on functional aspects that can increase user convenience and minimize user confusion to increase usability, and we are accelerating development until the release of the official version by gathering opinions as much as possible through external test groups.

We will apply loyalty programs such as accumulation and bonus rewards through future development to attract users’ interest, and we plan to combine payment using our virtual asset, AUC Coin, by incorporating blockchain technology.

In addition to QR payment for simple payment, Tier will be designed to work with existing payment market companies such as banks and credit card companies to use all electronic payment methods. In addition to payment, Tier will be developed so that domestic individual remittances and international remittances can be executed within the app.

[Core Services]

- On/Offline Payments

- Offline QR Payments

- Peer to peer transfers

- Token (ANT) payment system (including QR scanning)

- ANT -> AUC and vice versa swaps

[Auxiliary Services]

- Geo-location

- Advertisements

- Promotional rewards / coupons

- Spending rewards (AUC or whatever else is decided)

- Bank card/account linking with payment systems


We will start advanced development with the goal of official launch in the second half of this year. Tier will be released first in the Android market and can be downloaded later in the iOS market.

Tier is all about convenience and making your financial life simpler.

Leave the difficult and complicated stuff to Tier! All you have to do is use it easily and conveniently.

What we want to see is that everyone creating a valuable payment flow in their daily lives.