AUC project Virtual Asset

Advanced Project
3 min readApr 11, 2021

The AUC project uses two virtual assets: AUC Coin and ANT digital points.

AUC Coin

AUC is a PUBLIC BLOCKCHAIN, an ecosystem KEY CURRENCY developed by AUC. A key currency is a currency that is based or centered on the global market traded by many users participating in the open market. The key currency plays a central role in international goods and financial transactions, such as being used for cross-country trade payments, being the standard for exchange rate evaluation, and being held as an external reserve asset. Currently, the key currency in the global market is the U.S. dollar. In order for a currency to become a key currency, it must be rich in “floatability” enough to circulate smoothly in the international trade and financial markets, and there must be “reliability” enough for trading parties to trust and use. Therefore, AUC uses Public Blockchain to organize AUC and secure liquidity, reliability, and transparency. AUC Coin is the value of the currency used in the Public Market and will be a measure of the exchange of goods and services. In addition to transactions and transmissions, data can be authenticated and stored using the benefits of blockchain technology. The AUC coin based on ERC 20 is listed on the AUC’s exchange and other contracted exchanges and is designed for a cross-border transactions.

ANT Digital Points

The Advanced Nation Token (ANT) digital points is a NON-BLOCKCHAIN that can be used in real life by participants 32 in the AUC ecosystem. Unlike the AUC coin, which is the basis for the value of money, it follows the monetary units and regulations of each country. Therefore, the units are all different depending on the country of use. The ANT digital points can be used as an existing currency for settlement or payment by the central government, institutions, and businesses associated with AUC. In addition, it can be used in PG systems, virtual asset exchanges, pension payments, identity/self-certification, online games, O2O services, traffic control systems, and overseas remittances.

AUC Coin is interchangeable with ANT based on current market prices of AUC and vice versa. The ANT digital points are Non-Blockchain, but there is no risk of falsification. The AUC project has a business agreement with NICE Information and Telecommunication, which is building the same level of security environment with major domestic banks for risk management such as tampering and fraud. Therefore, we have a method of 33 encryption and Fraud Detection for incident detection when making payments. The ANT digital points eWallet do not allow installation and use on any device other than one designated Android or iOS device, and all communications use DUKPT DERIVED UNIQUE KEY PER TRANSACTION encryption, making it difficult to randomize data packets based on asynchronous initial passwords. Additionally, the App is designed primarily as a SandBox structure and has an architecture of applications that are protected in principle against external data connection attempts to respond to forgery and alteration attempts. Finally, all apps are designed so that if you root and hack into a mobile OS, it cannot be detected and run on the hacked OS.

AUC Project’s Virtual Assets Workflow