AUC project received a Xangle Credibility Rating ‘BB’ with a neutral grade.

Advanced Project
1 min readJun 17, 2021


Captured image from Xangle

Xangle Credibility Rating service has assigned the AUC project a ‘BB’ with a neutral grade. Neutral grade with BB means it is an average blockchain project with average reliability and capability to accomplish its goal.

Xangle Credibility Rating is based on various evaluation criteria, including team capabilities, disclosure activities, management performance, and external audit. Currently, global cryptocurrency exchanges are using the Xangle credibility rating report to find projects and review their listing.

We think that even though the AUC token is not currently quoted before listing, its acquisition of BB grade is based only on the business model, company capabilities, and development status of the AUC project, but it has a solid basic business structure compared to other projects.

We will redo the XCR process of our project after AUC token listing.

For more information about our credibility rating, please visit below.