AUC project is Now in progress Xangle credibility rating(XCR)

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1 min readMay 23, 2021


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The Ennova conducts credit ratings for AUC projects in Xangle, the crypto disclosure platform. The Xangle Credibility rating (XCR) is based on various evaluation criteria, including team capabilities, disclosure activities, management performance, and whether it is audited.

Xangle collects, verifies, and integrates corporate disclosures from global projects and companies that have issued crypto assets. This information is made public along with on-chain blockchain data, all of which are displayed in a user-friendly format to help the public’s understanding of the crypto assets. One of the key issues concerning on-chain data is the difficulty associated with analyzing raw data. Xangle provides both off-chain corporate disclosures and easily accessible on-chain metrics and analytics to the public.

By progressing this XCR, the Ennova will confirm the exact fundamentals of the AUC project, contributing to the soundness of the virtual asset market and further strengthening investor protection and information transparency.

Ennova’s XCR will take about three weeks, and the results of the credit rating will be announced through the Xangle disclosure and the project’s social media channel.

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