AUC Maritime Transport Service

Advanced Project
2 min readFeb 25, 2022


AUC project is a Fintech service using blockchain that exists for all businesses in which digital financial transactions occur, simplifying complex structures and putting scattered values in one place.

Anywhere digital financial needs to be treated with greater worth is the business area of AUC’s ecosystem.

Expansion of the AUC ecosystem is provided by combining AUC with Maritime Transport Service to solve traffic problems in Congo Kinshasa. We provide a platform that supports ferry reservations, QR ticketing, purchasing goods at terminals, buying meals, and hotel reservations in CBD (Central Business District).

Congo, a very politically safe country, is now a country of the opportunity to develop through attracting large amounts of foreign capital and Kinshasa is a vibrant megacity with a population of over 15 million.

However, the distance from the airport to the CBD is 30km, the travel time is usually 2 to 3 hours, and the traffic environment is very congested, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. In addition, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) government does not have any resources to solve these problems for the next 10 years.

AUC Maritime Transport Service will provide users with a luxury bus from the airport to the ferry terminal to avoid the congestion of the arterial road between the airport and the city center, and will support faster, safer, and more convenient travel and business by using ferry transportation to the city terminal.

This service will provide the best infrastructure to maximize customer satisfaction and will provide ferry reservations and various services in the terminal that can coexist with the AUC ecosystem through AUC’s Tier-App.