AUC in TIER Ecosystem

Part 2

Advanced Project
1 min readMar 30, 2023

AUC can be swapped with mobile money en-Cash on the TIER platform and used like cash, and stores that support AUC also support direct payment. There are 3 Cases of AUC Flow into TIER. In the case of storing AUC in wallet, since the item is stored in the wallet, it has nothing to do with escrow if there is no swap request. However, if there is a swap request, the process of buying or SWAP en-Cash with AUC is used. In the case of AUC settlement in Request settlement of AUC received after selling goods (settle en-Cash after swapping AUC with en-Cash), settlement is processed only after AUC is swapped with en-Cash to maintain escrow equivalent and resolve legal issues.

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