About AUC’s POS Terminal System

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3 min readApr 22, 2021


Hello, we are AUC Project Team!

Today we are going to introduce one of our project which is POS Terminal System.

Payment infrastructure development, growth of digital banking services, growth of online transactions in the retail sector, increased adoption of cloud applications, technological advances are some of the key growth drivers of the POS terminal market. However, the POS terminal market witnessing a slump due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, and the market is expected to gradually recover over the years.

AUC integration POS System

Preparing for the post-COVID-19 era AUC project team working with NICE Information & Telecommunication in Korea has developed 4 kinds of POS Systems of our own.

-Desktop POS

The Desktop POS is a device that is generally used in shops and markets. The Desktop POS developed by AUC is developed with an Android method through an advanced OS that secured the ecosystem scalability as well as the technical stability. Also, the device is suitable for functions such as management, automatic order function, sales statistics. Additionally, point systems may be operated and users can make payment with all kinds of payment method such as by tapping the card, swiping the card, by using AUC IC Card, QR, digital point ANT, and many more.

- Mobile POS

Mobile POS are inexpensive POS devices that are mostly generalized in shops as it is portable. AUC introduces mobile payment systems to the users to provide more convenient payment system, and users can make payment with all kinds of payment method.


Going from developed countries to underdeveloped countries, the owners are not getting benefits of an advanced payment system and still transacting by cash. AUC will contribute to making an active distribution market and consumption by supplying the developed App POS for the owners who can just download our app from the APP Store and customers can pay with smartphones anytime anywhere by just using the QR Code provided by AUC Project.

- Kiosk

Unmanned payment system is spreading out rapidly as it entered an accelerated non-face to face payment age due to Covid-19. Kiosks have the effectiveness of increasing profits of small business owners and distribution companies by saving the labor costs. ‘Amazon’, a vast distribution platform company launched ‘Amazon Go’, an automated market in 2016 and is showing the most advanced payment system. Kiosks are not the most progressive object; however, they are a high-tech payment system which will be widely used and will become a core business of the AUC POS and payment system.

Additionally, AUC project’s POS have several outstanding points. First, since it is an android based POS, it has much more benefits compared to the window based POS. The benefits are that it is cheaper and lighter, has less errors, easier to fix, better and faster security updates, and easier to integrate with other applications. Secondly, our POS system can accept payments of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and AUC. Third, we are providing our own API and provide customized ERP for our affiliates.

Much more things are to come in future for the better cashless society.

Please keep an eye on us!